Vybz Kartel’s ‘Gazanation’ Fans Mock Mavado for Reporting to The Police

Vybz Kartel’s ‘Gazanation’ Fans Mock Mavado for Reporting to The Police

Fans of incarcerated dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel, have begun their mission to troll Mavado’s social media pages with negative comments, following his recent run-ins with the law; where he was shot at while in his hometown of Cassava Piece.

After the shooting subsided, it is alleged that the ‘Gully Gad’ made his way in a hastily manner to the Constant Spring Police Station to make a report.

This did not sit well with the ‘Gazanation’, who have been very vocal about their contempt for the sinjay’s actions, calling him a ‘Runner’ and an ‘Informa’ (informant).

According to news reports, Mavado fled the scene, after shots were fired at him and members of his entourage, including his cousin ‘Chase Cross’.

Since the news broke of the entertainers almost successful assignation attempt, Vybz Kartel fans have been referring to old music done by the ‘Worl Boss’, where he disrespected Mavado for a similar act.

“Di bwoy run like a wounded dog, Bruk Usain record, Don’t run barber bwoy don’t run, Di bwoy dress up like police,  And a run like thief,” are just some of the lines being uttered by the Gazanation, which was used by Kartel in the infamous clash between himself and Mavado in the 2000’s.

mic_tyson Dem run go inna stationnnnnn

brittlovy Mavado a big informer .. & how people in cassava peace let man buss shot behind him an shoot up him car?? That mean dem doe respect him in his own place..smh

pullardog Yo bad man!! Y u run leave you son like that! Fly inn back yute ! He need his Dad😳😞 @mavadogully

jtdamartian Can’t believe seh yuh a informer Youth 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

troy_vybz Why u run bad man lol

ikonking Baber boy dont runn @mavadogully #bigyard .

kia.shyne We nuh beg friend inna place we shoot bwoy inna dem place and mek dem haffi run out bwoy mofraudo u turn rat🐀🐀




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