Vybz Kartel Music Video Criticized for Showing Kids Dancing Outrageously

Vybz Kartel Music Video Criticized for Showing Kids Dancing Outrageously

Vybz Kartel‘s latest music video entitled ‘Real Bad Gal’ has been met with mixed reviews by viewers, based on a particular scene showing a group of minors dancing and gyrating in a mature format to his soundtrack.

The song which was produced by Dre Skull of Mixpak has been argued by most to be an instant ‘hit’. However, certain visual components of the music video, directed by Ivar Wigan, has been placed under harsh criticism by fans and non-fans of the incarcerated deejay, for promoting sexually charged visuals by minors.

In the 3 minutes long video, one female child was seen ‘splitting’ on the floor, while another could be seen doing the famous ‘bruck back’ dance, brought to popularity by entertainer Razor B, a dance which was designed and intended for mature audiences.

While most viewers have shared their opinions that the video was very artistic and reflected accurately the harsh realities of the inner city culture, others felt outraged and demand that the music video be removed from Kartel’s page and redone.


“The thing with the kids turned me off,,, Kids don’t belong in adult videos,, And I agree that when it comes to Vybz Kartel, we should hold him at a higher standard”

“Just saw the video not cool and irrelevant to the tune… also the story line could be better show the woman going to school work then the Dancehall”

“They need to pull the video as far as I’m concerned.”

“Vybz kartel flop so he want people to talk about him that is why he put those kid’s on the video”

“Kartel is to blame.nothing goes out without his approval.he said so himself!! It goes from top to bottom.and if he didn’t approve he saw it so he should pull it and make a statement that he disapprove of such video”




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