Update: Brother and Sister charged with tripple murder

Two people have been charged with last week’s murder of a woman and her two children who resided in Tower Hill, Mavis Bank in St. Andrew.

Charged with three counts of murder, burglary and arson, were Jamelia Leslie, 27, lab technician/quality control supervisor and 26-yr-old Javone Leslie, construction worker, both of Guava Ridge, Mavis Bank.

Reports from the Mavis Bank police are that the bodies of the deceased were found in their home in Tower Hill on Wednesday, July 18th.

The deceased’s were identified as Kashief Jackson, 29 and her two children; 1-yr-old Aviere Williams and 7-yr-old Aranza Williams.

Upon the police’s arrival, Jackson was found inside the house while her two children were seen outside on the verandah of the same residence.

Multiple stab wounds were found on Jackson’s body and signs of an attempt to set fire to the residence were discovered.

The victims were taken to a hospital, where they were confirmed dead.

Based on the information gained by investigators, the deceased woman, Kashief Jackson was involved in a love triangle which turned sour.

The two charged are scheduled to appear in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court on Thursday, August 2, 2018.



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