Two Bike Riders Died in Westmoreland from Two Separate Incident

Two Bike Riders Died in Westmoreland from Two Separate Incident

Two men are now dead following two separate motorcycle accidents in the parish of Westmoreland, all within a 24-hr span.

Reports are that the first incident, involving a 21-year-old rider, who has been identified as Jevon Campbell, occurred in the region of Morgan’s Bridge at around 9:10 am on Friday.

The young rider was crushed to death after he collided into a Toyota Fielder motorcar, traveling in the opposite direction.

According to reports, the rider negotiated the roadways incorrectly and drifted into the pathway of the motorcar, then slammed into the vehicle.

The police were summoned to find Campbell’s lifeless body on the roadway.

Within a few hours of the first incident, the police were called to a second crash site, where another rider died from injuries sustained during a collision.

The second incident occurred along the Nompriel main road in Negril, where the rider also died from a collision with a motor car.

Initial reports indicate that the second accident bears similarities to the first, where the rider collided with a vehicle traveling in the same direction.

The deceased has not yet been identified by the police.

The authorities are however imploring riders to travel with caution and to wear the proper headgears, in an effort to reduce road fatalities in the case of accidents.




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