Spice Bashed for ‘Fat Shaming’, Fans Calls for Her Removal

Spice Bashed for ‘Fat Shaming’, Fans Calls for Her Removal

Fans of female entertainer Grace Hamilton, popularly known as Spice, have expressed their disappointment her in recent appearance of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta on Monday night, where she made a controversial remark about a fellow co-star, Tokyo Vanity’s weight.

The tension between Spice and Tokyo has been building ever since the Jamaican female entertainer decided to go out on a date with Tokyo’s ex, Tabius.

During a meet-up for brunch between the two female co-stars, Spice made a remark that she highly doubted that Tokyo was hungry, based on her weight.

That remark led to an altercation which had to be broken up by a security detail hired by the hit tv show.

The ‘Gum’ singer took to her Instagram page to publicly apologize for her comments made on the popular tv show, and to express her disappointment in herself. This is what she wrote:

It’s officially the most horrific situation I’ve watched on TV. I’m so disappointed in myself for doing the exact same thing I promised myself that I wouldn’t do. Watching back Myself fighting on Tv has left me with deep despondency.

Even tho I heard that disrespectful remarks was passed about me behind my back. Leaving me to think she was throwing shade i said I’m gonna throw the whole tree when I met her.

With that being said It still doesn’t justify the fact that I was so wrong to comment on her weight. While I honestly feel like there’s also some cultural diversity conflict in this situation because we don’t really take the fat shaming so serious on my side of the world.

I also have to realize that I’m not in my regular surroundings . My mother and sisters are Voluptuous women and I joke with them daily about their weight likewise they do to me. I’m less than 200 pound and people still call me fat every and it’s just the norm for me to say that to people.

However I now realize that I’ve offended many people and even tho me and Tokyo have put our differences aside. I still want to take this time out to apologize to Tokyo again and to also apologize to whom I offended. With that being said big up to all my #smurfettes 💙💙💙 Mi and unu done know how the thing set.

How I perform with Fat women on stage, how I refer to my dancers as the mawga one and the fat one, how I’ve done #SlimVrsFluffy song with Pamputtae etc but they’ll figure me out soon enough.





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