Shauna Chyn Explains $2 Million Dollar Plastic Surgery

Shauna Chyn Explains $2 Million Dollar Plastic Surgery

Female dancehall artiste Shauna Chyn has opened up about her numerous body enhancement surgeries which were done overseas in an effort to eliminate excess body fat and provide shape contouring.

The ‘Control Button’ singer has been flaunting her new body on Instagram since she got her surgeries done, amounting to the sum of $2 million Jamaican dollars, and have even expressed that her confidence is at an all-time high since the operation.

Chyn explained her reasons for having the surgery done to news reporter Claude Mills where she outlined the steps.

“I took the fat out of my back, belly, armpit and between my legs and put it in my bottom. I am now a 38 cup in my breasts. After the surgery, I was basically a baby again so I had to have a personal nurse for two weeks,”.

“I saved money for a really long time to do this surgery, I put the money in my special wishlist account, and I hid the ATM card so I couldn’t touch it and that’s how I was able to save for my buttlift, tummy tuck and breast enhancement,” she said.

“That really shook me up and got me moving. Life is short, you got to go after the things you want,” she said.

“I did this for me, I have an awesome personality but my confidence was low because I had a chipped tooth, and I had a child so my tummy needed work and my breasts needed work. I just didn’t look like an artiste so I had to fix myself . I did my tooth first and then I did my body,” she explained.

“I wasn’t scared about flying to the Dominican Republic to do the operation. It’s not like they were going to knock me out and take out one of my kidneys ,” she said, laughing.

“These guys were real professionals, they checked my vitals, my liver, my cholesterol and then they did the surgery. I woke up the next day as a new person and I stayed there for 14 days while they made sure I was ok.”

“My confidence is at all time high, my luxury doll body ah mad dem. I get a lot of compliments all the time now, and I can make my awesome personality shine through,” she said.




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