Popcaan ‘Hotel Rant’ Disputed by Half Moon Hotel in Montego Bay

Popcaan ‘Hotel Rant’ Disputed by Half Moon Hotel in Montego Bay

Entertainer Popcaan who is fresh of his recent album launch and Reggae Sumfest performance is being criticized by The Half Moon Hotel in Montego Bay for a video uploaded by the deejay, where he is seen expressing his dissatisfaction for the treatment he recent during his stay last Saturday.

According to the “Firm and Strong” entertainer in his Instagram video uploaded after his performance in Montego Bay, he was refused entry by someone at the resort even though he was charged from his US account for a seven-bedroom villa.

“Half Moon unuh collect mi money off mi US card fi book villa. Now, mi book villa and pull up a di villa and unuh a tell people seh nuh let in Popcaan and unuh know Popcaan. Mi nuh haffi fahwud ova unuh villa, unuh stinking villa, because it not even clean. A ole house dem deh unuh have,” the deejay expressed in his now-viral Instagram video.

Half Money Hotel, however, refuted the claims made by Popcaan in an effort to restore confidence in their brand after the video began circulating online.

According to the management, the entertainer was only refused entry after he appeared at the resort with an entourage of approximately 40 persons, attempting to stay in a villa built to accommodate no more than 16 people.

The entertainer was reportedly advised to reserve another villa to accommodate the additional persons, but this request led the very upset Popcaan to storm off the property.

The hotel management made it clear that they have certain guidelines that all occupants have to follow, including the superstar Popcaan, who reportedly stayed at their villas a number of occasions in the past.




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