Popcaan Explains Gun Shooting Video That Went Viral

Popcaan Explains Gun Shooting Video That Went Viral

The ‘Unruly Boss’ Popcaan and his management team have cleared the air about a video that has since gone viral since its release, showing the entertainer at a gun range firing two guns in a wild playful manner.

In a statement released by the handlers of the ‘Family’ deejay, they are affirming that the shooting exercise seen in the video being done by Popcaan and his associates, were done in a safe and controlled environment.

According to the press release, the entertainer was at the Lower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club, in Ontario, Canada while he was on tour, when the video was recorded.

A licensed firearm holder in Canada, Nicholas Carino,  also provided signed statement that the exercise was supervised by professionals.

Carino stated in his letter that “On Tuesday July 10th, myself (Nicholas Carino) and Kevin Anderson whom are both licensed firearms holders took our guest Popcaan (Andrae Sutherland) to target shoot at Lower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club. Kevin is a member of the Fish and Game Club.”

Since the video was released, persons have been expressing mixed feelings towards the entertainers actions in the video, with some lobbying that Popcaan should be allowed to have fun and de-stress, while others have stated that he should not be glamorising the use of a deadly weapon, given the fact he is a very influential person to the youths.




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