Mother and Two Babies Killed over Alleged Love Triangle

Mother and Two Babies Killed over Alleged Love Triangle

The police have intensified their investigations into the murder of a woman and her two children in Tower Hill, East Rural St Andrew on Wednesday, July 18.

The deceased has been identified as 29-year-old Kashief Jackson and her two children, one-year-old Aviere Williams and seven-day-old Aranza Williams.

The bodies were discovered by a relative who summoned the police to the scene of the gruesome murder.

On their arrival, the two young girls Aviere and Aranza were found outside on the verandah while the mother was found inside the house.

“Police are following a number of leads. One of them suggests that the woman was in a love triangle turned sour,”. “We are hearing a number of things in the case, but at this time we cannot make a determination what is true, but we will not be ignoring any information,” said an investigating officer from the St Andrew North Police Division.

According to the police who refused to give much information, one possible motive was an alleged love triangle where the now deceased woman was in a dispute with the mistress of her husband and the father of her children. It is alleged that the woman also shares a child with the man. However, at this point, the motives for the killings are only speculations.

The investigation continues.




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