Mavado Did Not Report to The Police Today Because of ‘Prior Contractual Obligation’

Mavado Did Not Report to The Police Today Because of ‘Prior Contractual Obligation’

Internationally signed dancehall entertainer Mavado, failed to appear before the police today, as requested in a notice issued by the Jamaica Constabulary Force yesterday.

According to the attorney of’ the ‘Gully Gad’, Tamika Harris; Mavado was previously booked for several gigs overseas which he Is contractually obligated to fulfil before he can return to the island, so his unavailability to present himself today should not be taken as a sign of him ignoring the request by the police.

According to Harris, who spoke to a popular news entity on the island “I explained to the police that Mavado had a prior contractual obligation and that he wasn’t aware that they had an interest in talking to him because he had gone to make a report at the police station two days ago”.

“He is a musician, he has to do shows and the police bulletin gave the impression that he had been given an ultimatum and had chosen to ignore it,” she expressed.

Harris also made it clear that the entertainer will make it back to answer questions as requested, “as soon as his obligation is complete”. But no timeframe was given as to when he might be able to return.

Mavado is wanted for questioning into the recent uprise of violent activities in the Cassava Piece area since his altercation with several men from the community who fired shots at him during the dispute.

“Five of Mavado’s family members have been detained, so I spoke to Deputy Superintendent Karen Salmon, and was told that they will be interviewed tomorrow in the presence of myself and Pierre Rogers regarding two murders in the Cassava Piece area. Peter Champagnie has also been retained to handle the case,” Harris explained.

She also added that Mavado’s teen son would be accompanied by a relative to answer questions because his mother is also overseas.




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