Man Claims He Was Robbed by Homosexual ‘Gully Queens’ in St Andrew

Man Claims He Was Robbed by Homosexual ‘Gully Queens’ in St Andrew

A man has laid claims that he was held up, robbed and stripped by a group of men, notoriously known as the ‘Gully Queens’, who resides in the gullies of the Corporate areas of Kingston and St Andrew.

According to the man who gave accounts of the incident to a popular newspaper, he was ashamed to report the incident to the police due because he did not want assumptions to be made that he was doing business with the known homosexuals.

The man who opted to go by the name ‘Roy Brown’, explained that “Last Wednesday, I was going to KFC in Cross Roads about 1:30 a.m. to have a meal and return home. Upon reaching the JPS back gate, in the vicinity of Jamaica Hospital Supplies, they just came from nowhere. Two came from across the street and the others just pop up. It appears as if I was being watched,”.

“I was confronted by five or six men. They took my phone and wallet. They tried to take my clothes off. There was a struggle between me and them and I had to run. My shirt was ripped off and the button on my pants was gone. My zipper was also damaged. It was very embarrassing,”.

“I didn’t report the matter because the impression is that once you are robbed by these people, you are doing business with them or you are one of them. I’m also hearing that some of them are repeat offenders,” he added.




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