Gunman Shot Dead, Two Others Escape During Shootout With Police in St Ann

Gunman Shot Dead, Two Others Escape During Shootout With Police in St Ann

The Communications Unit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force is reporting that a gunman was shot and killed during a run-in with law enforcement officers in Steer Town St Ann on Thursday Morning.

According to reports, an alleged gunman was shot dead while his two co-conspirators managed to escape on foot during a dramatic shoot-out with the police.

The dead man has not yet been identified, but an illegal Smith and Wesson 9mm pistol was reportedly taken from him his hands after the shootings subsided.

The police provided an update that at approximately 12:30 am the officers signaled a grey Nissan motor car to stop, which contained the three men.

After being ordered to pull over by the officers, the men reportedly opened fire in an attempt to escape the lawmen along the main road in Steer Town.

The officers then took evasive actions and fired back at the perpetrators, who then sped off from the scene and crashed into a ditch.

Two men then alighted from the crashed motor and made their escape on foot, while a third man who was injured and trapped in the car, had to be rescued and taken to a nearby hospital.

He was pronounced at the  St Ann’s Bay Hospital.

The police are currently investigating the incident.




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