Full King Alarm Video of Shooting Involving Andrew Woolery

Full King Alarm Video of Shooting Involving Andrew Woolery

The licensed firearm holder, Andrew Woolery, who was involved in an altercation with a security guard at an apartment complex in Braemar Estate in St Andrew on Monday, has now hired power attorney-at-law Peter Champagnie to represent him.

Woolery was previously represented by attorney-at-law Christopher Townsend but has instead opted to recruit Townsend to plead his case.

New video footage has emerged, showing Woolery and two unidentified men confronting the security guard before the King Alarm security team got on the scene.

In the video, Woolery could be seen brandishing his licensed firearm, which the security guard, who was also shot in the neck by Woolery, claimed to have been used to assault him before he alerted King Alarm for assistance.

The guard was shot and injured after he attempted to grab Woolery while his back was turned, in an attempt to relieve the businessman of his firearm.

The guard was rushed to the University Hospital of the West Indies, where he was admitted in stable condition for the injury sustained to his neck.

Woolery’s new attorney, Champagnie, expressed that he will be contacting the Managing Director of King Alarm, John Azar, after video footage revealed what the attorney has described as “horrible treatment” towards his client.

“When I return to Jamaica tomorrow, I will be meeting with Mr Woolery and I will be speaking to the police regarding the course of their investigations and I will be writing to KingAlarm regarding the horrible treatment meted out to my client by their employees,” Champagnie said to news reporter Claude Mills on Thursday.

The King Alarm officers involved in the altercation has since been pulled from their duties pending an investigation.





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