Female KingAlarm Security Guard in Altercation Video ‘FIRED’

Female KingAlarm Security Guard in Altercation Video ‘FIRED’

The female security officer who was present at the scene of the altercation that led to the shooting of a man at Braemar Estate in St. Andrew, has now been fired by KingAlarm.

Among the six security guards was a supervisor who’s since been suspended.

Managing director of KingAlarm, John Azar, during a press conference at the Jamaica¬†Pegasus hotel on Thursday, made the announcements regarding the disciplinary actions they’ve taken.

“The female officer who was shown in the video as having used explicit language was one of two persons who clearly did not act in accordance with our best practices and guidelines in subduing Mr Woolery (Andrew Woolery, the licensed firearm holder). She along with another male officer who appeared to slap Mr Woolery in the face were among persons charged by our internal disciplinary team,” explained Azar.

The viral footage of the incident shows a heated discussion between King Alarm security officers and Woolery about him leaving the premises before Woolery was attacked by the grounds security, dressed in plain clothes.

A physical altercation occurred between the two men after which a shot was fired, hitting the alleged security officer in the neck. He was then rushed to the University Hospital, where he was admitted in stable condition.

The KingAlarm officers were pulled from duty pending further investigation.




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