Bounty Killer Dissed Alkaline on Instagram for ‘Sliding in His DM’

Bounty Killer Dissed Alkaline on Instagram for ‘Sliding in His DM’

Dancehall veteran Bounty Killer made his stance clear that there is no love between himself and his former recruit Mavado over the weekend, and now he has shifted  focus to Alkaline, after he allegedly ‘slid inside his DM’ to insult the Grung Gad for his choice of words used to describe himself and his relationship with Mavado.

Killer officially broke the internet over the weekend for airing out his feelings for Mavado by saying that he is a sellout who doesn’t remember where he is coming from ever since he got signed by DJ Khaled and went international. He also added that Mavado has lost his way because he would rather side with the enemy (Alkaline), instead of the man who gave him his big break in the music industry.

According to Bounty, he will forever have more respect for Vybz Kartel, despite their feuds in the past, because the incarcerated deejay has always shown him respect by making reference to him on his Instagram account on special occasions, unlike Mavado.

Now Bounty has once again set social media on fire after he made a post showing a screenshot conversation between himself and Alkaline, reigniting a longstanding beef which started in 2010 after Killer posted a photo of Alkaline in bed with several women and what appeared to be a sex toy (dildo).

According to the screenshot conversation, Alkaline who goes by the Instagram handle @manhimselff, messaged Bounty and said ‘Suck out yuh mumma yah bitchh!!!!’, which caused a very angry Killer to make a post with the caption: “IG LOOK WTF I FOUND IN MY DM THIS MORNING A FAG WHO DOESN’T EVEN FOLLOW ONE BITCH GYAL OR CHICK ON IG SLIDING IN MY DM TO DISS ME AFTER MI DISS THE BATTY WASHER PUBLICLY PON MI TIMELINE @manhimselff A LOOK A MAN HIMSELF UNUH TELL MI WHAT UNUH THINK THIS SUNDAY SCHOOL NERD PUSSY WHO SING BOUT GO EVERY GARRISON STILL HAVE MI WATCH AND MI CHAIN OH U THINK U DID GET WEH TOILET BOWL HARPIC DEH YAH FI YU GERMS!!”

In 2010 Alkaline made a song entitled ‘Anywhere We Go’, where he made reference to Bounty Killer by saying that “After me no gal clown like Killa and Batty-man Foota Hype”.




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