Alleged Kidnapper and Car Theif Shot Dead by Police in St Ann’s Bay

Alleged Kidnapper and Car Theif Shot Dead by Police in St Ann’s Bay

A man was shot dead by the police last Friday after he allegedly abducted a woman and stole a motor car as a means to escape.

According to reports, 34-year-old Jason Pinnock of Edge Hill Road, St Ann’s; allegedly pulled a firearm at the cops when they intervened to put a stop to his crime spree.

A .44 magnum was reported taken from the deceased with three live cartridges during the polices investigations.

It is believed that Pinnock allegedly stole a Black Toyota Wish motorcar in Lime Hall Thursday afternoon and then abducted a female at gunpoint before making his escape.

The woman was later released by the perpetrator unharmed.

The stolen motor was reported to have been seen at around 4:30 pm the following day in the Steer Town community, which led the police to investigate.

It is understood that when the officers signal Pinnock, who was the driver of the stolen motor to stop and pull over, he refused and reach for his weapon which led to the officers opening fire.

Pinnock was shot and taken to the St Ann’s Bay Hospital for treatment, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Investigation continues.




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