10-y-o Girl Allegedly Gets Raped by a Primary School Football Coach

10-y-o Girl Allegedly Gets Raped by a Primary School Football Coach

A football coach assigned to a prominent primary school in the inner city region of East St Andrew was arrested earlier this week for suspicion of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl.

According to reports, the coach who is in his mid-forties was arrested on the weekend after information got to the police that he had taken the minor into a storeroom, where he allegedly sexually assaulted her last week.

It is alleged that he forced the minor to have anal sex with him. This was discovered after noticeable behavioural changes in the child, as expressed by students and a guidance counsellor at the primary school.

The child was questioned and she revealed the trauma of her football assaulting her.

The coach was summoned to a meeting by the head of the school, where he was confronted with the allegations. However, the accused fainted before the interrogation could lead to him answering to the allegations made by the minor.

He was taken to the University Hospital of the West Indies, where he later regained consciousness.

The accused was subsequently arrested and take to the Half Way Tree Police Station, where he is currently being held.

A source told our news center that a complaint was made to the Police and the coach was taken into custody while he was at the hospital.

The Center for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) is currently investigating the matter.




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