Woman Rescue From Flood in Linstead by Firefighters and residents


Woman Rescue From Flood in Linstead by Firefighters and residents

Firefighters and residents of the Sunnyside community in Linstead pulled off a daring rescue of an elderly woman during flood in that area Tuesday.

The video, that was posted on Facebook, showed the elderly woman being brought to safety on a blow-up bed from her flooded house, with water nearly covering the entire building.

According to one of the fire personnel involved in the rescue, the Linstead fire station got a call for assistance in the housing scheme at Sunnyside.

The individual, who wanted to remain anonymous, said that, upon arrival at the scheme, the firefighters were impeded by flood waters along the road.

Their attention was then diverted to a house across from the scheme where they were told that two elderly persons were marooned. Upon examining that situation, the decision was taken that it was best to leave and allow the water to subside.

It was at this point that they were told about an elderly woman who was trapped in the house. When they reached the venue, they saw her son getting ready to go into the heavy flowing murky water in an effort to rescue his mother.

The fire individual said that the son was tying ropes and other things together, after his mother had called him on the phone and told him about her dilemma, to which he advised her to stand on a table, while he rushed to her.

However, before the son could get there, the river close by overflowed its banks and flooded the area.

The Jamaica Fire Brigade member explained that the firefighters decided that they would use a blow-up bed, that the son had brought, in the rescue attempt.

The son was placed on it, with a chord tied to both him and the bed. The bed with the son was placed upstream with the hope that the drift and his paddling guidance would lead it to the house. It took several attempts before they were able to get it right.

The firefighters got some assistance when the water subsided, allowing them to see a good portion of the building, after which the son managed to get the door open to attach a safety line to the mother for the fire personnel and other residents to pull her across.

According to the firefighter, the whole operation to save the elderly woman took approximately two hours.

The woman, it is understood, put her hands in the air and thanked Jesus, while her son was quite happy.

“It was a great effort on the Fire Brigade’s part and some citizens who were there helping as well. We wouldn’t really say we had any scare, because we employed all the tactics we needed,” the firefighter explained.

Woman Rescued in Linstead by Firefighters and residents

Woman Rescued in Linstead by Firefighters and residents

Posted by JaRadio Jamaica on Thursday, May 18, 2017