Wife Throws Bucket of feces & Urine on Husband


Wife Throws Bucket of feces & Urine on Husband

The community of New Ground in Summerfield, Clarendon, that erupted into laughter and shock recently when buckets of feces were thrown on a man from the district.

A resident told said the man was attending a nine-night in the community when he was ambushed by his estranged wife.

The resident said the wife, who has been separated from the man for over a year, hid in the dark as he approached the wake.

After emerging, it is reported that she then threw the contents from a bucket on the surprised man. The contents of the bucket were faeces and urine.

Another resident said the man, who walks with a limp, was trying to hop away, but another bucket of filth was thrown on him before the woman fled.

The drama did not end there, however, as it is reported that she ran straight to the man’s house and threw away his water that was outside, rendering him unable to wash himself off.

Woman’s house

Residents said the wife was angered after seeing her estranged husband in his underpants at another female’s house. According to a resident, the other woman had been a source of conflict before they separated.

The estranged wife reportedly told community members that she started “saving” the buckets with faeces and urine shortly after seeing her husband at the woman’s house.

Police were reportedly called to the scene shortly after the incident because the man had threatened to burn his wife’s house down.

Laughter rang out when the police refused to allow the man to drive in their car to show them his wife’s house. They asked him to direct him to the house by walking in front of the vehicle.

The Chapelton police have confirmed the incident but did not reveal if the woman has been charged.