VIDEO: Students Taking Weapons To School For Protection


Students Taking Weapons To School For Protection

An alarming number of weapons are being confiscated from students in high schools across Jamaica by both faculty members and police officers who are now conducting random searches on teens wearing uniform.

Interviews conducted with offenders revealed that weapons are now becoming a necessity for students has they are regularly victimized by older students or persons on the road while travelling to and from school.

Since the recent stabbing death of 14 year old JC student Nicholas Francis, the police have been increasingly are urging students to desist from taking cellphones to schools, which makes them targets for predators who will stop at nothing to rob them of high value items.

Parents are also urged to be vigilant by searching their children before they leave for school, has statistic has shown that youngsters are sneaking into schools with contraband or asking persons living or working close to the school to store the items for them until they are needed.