VIDEO: L.A. Lewis Defends Portia But BASHES Her PNP Advisors


L.A. Lewis Defends Portia But BASHES Her PNP Advisors

He would not be L.A. Lewis if he did not offer his input on any current social topic, and there is no topic more talked about than the general elections and Portia Simpson-Miller’s defeat to Andrew Holness.

In a video uploaded by the self proclaim “super rich” enigma, he explains the reason why Portia lost the general elections while bashing his former/current social network viral rival Dr. Love.


I can’t understand what he is saying ,he is mixing every thing together”

“Kmt I feel Dr love and la Lewis do all this for hype for people share them video think dem in anything but both a dem 2 mad rass who a look attention soon as dem meet up them a fren”

“Hm jus sick mi f$cking stomach ina di mawnin yah… Kmt hm chat pure shit damn disgusting nw man!!

“Could someone please put a bridle on him mouth, I wonder why them give insane people smartphone”

“Unu c from wen mi a seh dis man family nd fi get him psychological help before him hurt him self di man is delusional schizophrenic bipolar”

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