Their feud is nothing new, but Bounty Killer and selector Tony Matterhorn have once again ignited their war of words.

In a recent interview, Bounty Killer stated that Matterhorn was ungrateful after all he has done for him.

“People actually think Matterhorn is funny. I’m not trying to make any allegation. The Matterhorn I know is not a funny guy, but he has some funny behaviour. Him fi stop that, man nuh act so … One thing me waan say to you, How much things you ever do fi me? How much things me do fi you? How much things me give you? You’re ungrateful,” Killer said in the interview.

Matterhorn, who is known for being witty, did not take too kindly to those words.

“Me and Bounty have a beef from long time. He was disgruntled about the skit that I did with the wig about two years ago, but he needs to understand that I am dealing with modern fans. I’m not the first person to wear wig. Ninja Man and Vegas have done it also. But me realise say a nuh the wig a the issue, a me him have a problem wid,” Matterhorn said.

Matterhorn added that he and Bounty Killer were very good friends at one point, so he was surprised when Bounty Killer stated that he did nothing to help his career.

Help my career

“Bounty yaa wicked. A me make a lot of the international links fi you. A me sell Bounty Killer to the world. A me make people start like Bounty. Bounty say me write one song for him and that is a lie. Him help my career and me help his career,” he said.

According to Matterhorn, when he first heard that Bounty had disrespected him several years ago, he was offended because he thought they were friends.

“Me help build him empire so me woulda rather someone me never know diss me. After me help hold up your career, you a try diss me? Me tek that personal. It come like you hate me long time. You a wicked,” he said.

Not wanting to dwell too much on ‘bad mind people’, Tony Matterhorn stated that he was now promoting his latest single titled Still Living.

“This song is for all the people who always a come for me. I am the true meaning of no weapon formed shall prosper. This song is directed at every and anybody who see progressive people and try to bad mind them,” he said.

The song will be officially released next week and is also dedicated to his loyal ‘After Dark’ fans.

“The second verse is dedicated to my clan. They are the defenders of the realm. I love my fans very much, people don’t know how connected we are and a dat dem bad mind we fah,” he said

SOURCE: Jamaica Star