PNP Activist the ‘Godfather of Lotto Scamming’ Says CNN Report


PNP Activist the ‘Godfather of Lotto Scamming’ Says CNN Report

A report produced by US cable network CNN on the Jamaican lottery scam has made note of the late PNP activist Kenley ‘Bebe’ Stephenson.

It says Bebe, is credited with being Jamaica’s first lottery scammer.

It said his operations began in the Granville area of Montego Bay in St. James where he trained, recruited and cultivated young scammers.

They called Bebe the ‘Godfather of Lottery Scams’.

The report says Bebe was not immune to the violence that came with the racket.

He was killed at the gates to his mansion in the plush Ironshore neighborhood of Montego Bay in May last year.

The CNN produced report says scamming has become so intricately woven into the Jamaican society, that Bebe was a prominent gay activist and powerful figure within the ruling People’s National Party.

It noted that when he was killed, a party member said he would be “sadly missed.”

His casket was said to be made of gold.

And National Security Minister Peter Bunting was also featured in the report.

Minister Bunting says the Jamaican government continues to have a zero tolerance approach to scamming.

He says it needs to be established that the act is as much a crime as drug trafficking or holding up someone with a gun.