Meet Beenie Man’s Daughter – Desha ‘Ravers’ Davis


Meet Beenie Man’s Daughter – Desha ‘Ravers’ Davis

Dancehall music is flowing through her veins already. Desha Davis, the daughter of dancehall icon, Moses David aka Beenie Man, is pushing her career in dancehall as a dancer.

In a recent interview with Loop Jamaica, the dancer explains her passion for dancing and aspirations for the future.

Twinkle, the latest dance by Desha ‘Ravers’ Davis, continues to steadily raise the profile of the trendy dancer.

“From I’ve known myself, I have always been dancing and it will take me to the world,” the dancer, aligned to the Ravers Clavers camp, said on Friday.

The dance involves raising hands in mid-air with fingers ‘twinkling like stars’ and then moving like a snake intertwined. The rest of the body grooves to the momentum of that movement.

It’s a dance that comes with its own single, Twinkle Star, by dancehall star Beenie Man, who is also Desha’s father. Desha, however, says she will seek to make her mark independent of her iconic dad.

“My father is a deejay but I am a dancer,”  she said.

Desha’s confidence may be fueled by the fact that she’s a member of one of dancehall’s leading dance groups.  The group of roughly 10 dancers, led by Ding Dong, is expected to give a dynamic performance at Pulse in Kingston on Christmas Day.

Desha admits that some persons have been pushing her to start recording music, and follow in the footsteps of her famous father. However, she has no plans to do so as her passion for dancing eclipses that of singing.

She refuses to limit her expectations over the next three to five years in the industry. Expect to see more dance creations from this rising entertainer.

Article & Photo Credits: Loop Jamaica News


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