Lady Saw Serious About Her ‘God’ – Paid Back Money to Promoters


Lady Saw Serious About Her ‘God’ – Returns Money to Promoters after cancelling shows

For anyone that thought Lady Saw’s baptism was a publicity stunt; Well the former Dancehall Artiste proved her non-believers wrong and confirmed this week that she is serious about her Christian faith.

The highly sought after Lady Saw has reportedly returned a portion of the total sum of money she took from various promoters before her baptism. One promoter, Jermaine Blake has confirmed with the Jamaica Star that he and Marion Hall more popularly known as Lady Saw, have currently reached a mutually satisfactory agreement on his $300,000 which he claimed he paid to Saw.

Blake and other promoters have been contemplating suing the artiste Lady Saw for breach of contract because they had not heard from her pertaining to their shows that was booked weeks-months in advance.

Lady Saw in an interview with the Jamaica Star said that “I have spoken, with every promoter that I was supposed to work with in the future and started the process to repay them,”

“I have been doing transfers daily to promoters, but I haven’t been able to repay everyone yet because there is a limit to the sum that I can use daily,” she added.

Story credit: Jamaica Star