Kasanova the “Biggest Liar” Says Jay Bads the Accused Kidnapper

Kasanova the

Kasanova the “Biggest Liar” Says Jay Bads the Accused Kidnapper

Dancehall artiste Kasanova has apparently emerged out of the shadows after being reported missing almost three weeks ago by his mother.

On Monday, a message purportedly from him was posted on Instagram along with a photo he allegedly took of himself the same day. He also reportedly spoke to a blogger via telephone, and the interview purportedly with him published online.

Members of the public were perturbed and several suggested that the deejay should be charged for diverting scarce manpower and resources towards a search for him when he could have come forward weeks ago.

The police were, however, cautious in their assessment of the situation.

“We are waiting to speak to him, once he comes forward, we will interview him and talk to him. We cannot make any moves until we have spoken to him, remember that he was reported missing by his mother, we don’t know if that person who did the interview online is really him. Once he comes forward, then we can talk to him, but up to this point, he has done nothing wrong,” an officer at the Portmore C.I.B, told Loop News.

In the Instagram post, Kasanova, whose real name is Ariel Hunter, said his life was in danger while also making serious allegations against his former manager Sheldon ‘Jay Bad’ Lincoln, who he claimed was wanted by the police.

“My life and the life of my family is in danger and anyone with the whereabouts of that disgusting dishonest anti heterosexual pathologically mendacious sorry excuse for a human name JAY BAD please inform the police,” Kasanova was quoted as saying. “Thank you. When I am free I shall be featured on various interviews to explain this despicable situation I found my self in.”

Manager Sheldon ‘Jay Bad’ Lincoln, however, laughed off the allegations saying that no cops were looking for him.

“I have never held a gun to this man’s head. I am just cutting all ties with this man, he is a menace. He is obviously mentally unstable, he is sick, I am not saying this out of malice, but this stunt is the lowest kind of action, you know how many thousands of people lose family members in real life after they go missing. He is wicked man to do this to his family,” he said.

“Plus, he is the biggest liar, he didn’t know Alkaline, he is a fraud, and a fake, he never knew Alkaline, he can’t deejay, ah me help train him to deejay like Alkaline, and after all the promotion we do, him caan buss. Him caan get a one show, people know that he is fake, he is not a real artiste, nobody nah feel him because him story no right and him caan sing a hit song, and him move like a girl, his first name is Ariel, a gal name that,” Jay Bad said.