VIDEO: Tripple Murder Suspect Explains Killing His Kids & Common-law Wife

VIDEO: Tripple Murder Suspect Explains Killing His Kids & Common-law Wife

Tripple Murder Suspect Explains Killing His Kids & Common-law Wife

A high level investigation has been launched by police after the release of a video purportedly showing inmates questioning triple murder suspect Paul Coote in a lock-up.

Questions are now being raised over how inmates managed to bypass security systems at a police station to record and release video footage of Coote, the 61-year-old farmer who was charged for the chopping death of his 39-year-old pregnant common-law wife and their two children.

In the nearly four-minute-long video recording, a male’s voice is heard asking the suspect numerous questions, including what triggered his actions in attacking members of his family, and whether his spouse had been cheating on him.

The suspect, who appeared to be in a daze, is heard saying he was not sure of the reason for the attack.

“When mi come to mi senses mi just see a machete inna mi hand,” said the frightened looking man in response to one of the questions.

It was also outlined that phones were even being used to video and photograph witnesses in cases, with footage and photos being released so that other members of the criminal networks could identify who the targeted individuals were.

Police also said criminals, some of them known killers, were able to use the devices to track down police officials and issue threats against them, including on their home telephone lines. The threats were reportedly issued because of the cops’ involvement in cases that led to the respective criminals behind locked away on long sentences.

When contacted on the matter, Commissioner of Corrections, Ina Turner said that while she wasn’t aware of the specific cases, she was aware that officials at the correctional centres across the island continue to work to improve systems to clamp down on, and eradicate, the illicit use of cell phones in the institutions.