Husband Shoots His Wife 9 Times In St Elizabeth


Husband Shoots His Wife 9 Times In St. Elizabeth

Police investigators and neighbours say the shooting death of 41-year-old Marva Salmon allegedly at the hands of her estranged husband early yesterday afternoon followed mutual accusations of infidelity.

The police have named the victim as hotel worker and mother of five, Marva Salmon of Southampton, close to Leeds, a few miles south of Santa Cruz.

Investigators as well as residents who spoke to OBSERVER ONLINE by telephone named the accused as farmer, Verton Salmon.

Residents say Marva Salmon was shot multiple times shortly after midday following the latest quarrel with her husband.

The accused man fled the scene and is being sought by the police. The police say the murder weapon was unlicensed. St Elizabeth police say the “last several murders” in the parish have been the result of domestic disputes.

“We really have to find a way to help people to understand that violence can’t be the way to deal with disputes,” head of the St Elizabeth police, Supt Lanford Salmon told OBSERVER ONLINE.

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