AUDIO: X6 Murder Trial – Taxi Driver Talks About Teens Death


X6 Murder Trial – Taxi Driver Talks About Teens Death With Mutabaruka

The taxi driver Wayne Wright, who came under heavy fire recently for allegedly retracting his earlier statements to the police pertaining to the X6 Murder Trial  – involving the shooting death of Khajeel Mais, speaks with Mutabaruka about the incident.

Wright became one of Jamaica’s most hated after he later revealed that he did not see the shooter once the trial began and said that cops asked him to lie that he saw Patrick Powell pull the trigger.

Business man Powell was freed of murder charges on October 24th, 2016 after battling in court since 2011, after the teen was murdered while travelling in a taxi in Havendale to meet up with friends to attend a fete at the Meadowbrook High School.

A new revelation in the X6 Murder Trial today revealed that the license issued for Powell’s firearm in 2004 was also issued to a female Inspector of Police for the same gun in the same year.

The Firearm Licensing Authority reported that the Walther 9MM pistol with serial No FAB2400 taken from Powell, was also licensed to Inspector of Police Patricia Primrose Powell-Wallace in the same month of the same year.