12-y-o Boy Rescued from Flood Water by a Hero


12-y-o Boy Rescued from Flood Water by a Hero

Twelve-year-old Ronaldo Reynolds whispered a prayer asking God to send an angel to save him.

He had fallen into the gully in Trench Town and was being swept away by flood waters. He thought that he was going to die.

“I was in the gully playing when, all of a sudden, I looked around and there was water everywhere,” the youngster said in an interview in the community on Sunday.

“I thought that I was going to die and that was when I started to pray,” said Ronaldo.

Minutes after he whispered the prayer, he saw a man diving into the murky waters.

The man was Tremayn Brown, a resident of the south St Andrew community who was reported recently deported from England.

Brown said he was walking along Collie Smith Drive when he heard residents in the community screaming.

He said he ran to look what was happening and saw Ronaldo in the gully desperately clutching and gasping for air in the muddy flood waters.

Brown said he did not stop to think, he just took off his shoe and jumped into the water.

“I did not hesitate, I just reacted,” said the Good Samaritan, who made the decision to go into the water despite being a non-swimmer.

“I cannot swim but when I heard the calls for help, I did not stop to think about me,” said Brown.

The Trench Town resident said, after he went into the water, he felt the angry water slamming him into the side of the gully but he managed to grab Reynolds.

The murky waters began to sweep away the two.

Brown said he tried to find something to grip onto but the current in the water was too strong.

As the incident unfolded, women, children and other members of the public watched in horror as the two males battled to rescue themselves from the clutches of death.

“At one point I saw the two of them go under the water and I thought that was the end for them,” said one woman from the community.

That was not to be.

While members of the crowd stood and watched in shock, another man from the community decided to run to an area where the gully would normally empty into the sea.

“I went to the location and was there calling out, hoping that I could reach down to grab the two males as they passed by,” said the man.

He explained that when he reached to the location he saw Brown clinging on to a branch that hung over the water.

He said he quickly found a spot to lower himself and grab onto Brown, who said that he was about to give up as he was losing his grip on the branch.

The man said he held onto Brown and, with the help of other community members, who later arrived at the location, he pulled both males out of the gully.